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October 31
It will be 10 years since my cure
It will be 10 years of Dizzy Me

But most of all this is how to move on:
it will be the start of the 'House4Balance' IAWLP

Before the age of 60, 30-40% of us are challenged by some form of vestibular disorder. Currently under 25% of vestibular patients receive successful medical care.

We want to empower doctors to help more people regain their lives. Doctors report that they are often poorly trained in vestibular and neuro-vestibular conditions.
So myself and my co-author Professor Floris Wuyts have teamed up to endeavour to change this situation.

Our book ‘Dizzy Me. Shedding light on balance’ gathers knowledge about 12 vestibular conditions to make both diagnosis and treatment easier.
We also organise seminars for doctors.
The 3rd edition of ‘Dizzy Me’ was published recently and - following successful crowdfunding for translation - the English edition now available, Spanish later in 2018.

We hope this will help prevent misdiagnosis and guide both doctors and patients to appropriate treatments.

Misdiagnosis is a worldwide problem. Both English and Spanish editions will give you and your doctor access to the latest medical updates on vestibular disorders.
An international book with voices of all over the world.

In your language. Shortening your search for a cure.
  • Dizzy Me. Licht op evenwicht - 327 p, ASP Editions, ISBN 978-90-5718-466-6
  • Dizzy Me. Light on balance  432 p, Kügler Publications, ISBN 987-90-6299-265-2
  • 1st Flemish Childbook ‘Wankele Wilma’ ISBN 9789490738389

Future projects
  • 1st Spanish Edition Dizzy Me 2018
  • 4th Dutch Edition Dizzy Me 2018
  • 1st English Childbook ‘Wobbly Wilma’
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