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Magic investors

Menno and Ineke De Vries of the  Netherlands donated 1200 euro to get 6000 words of dizzy me translated! These lovely people are the parents of a young lady who suffers from MdDS as well as Vestibular Paroxysmia. This makes it double complicated to treat her disorder. Their daughter loves to ride her horse, but once she gets off, she gets really sick. In fact moving is easier than being quiet. Now her parents really want her to be cured. That is why they wanted to become Magic Investor. Menno: “I read this attractive and clearly written book with great interest. It’s helped me to better understand the world in which our daughter unfortunately lives. I recommend it to doctors, patients, and especially to those with personal connections to the afflicted. We just want this book to reach the world.”

Miep was our first Magic Investor and donated 1000 euros to get 5000 words of Dizzy Me translated. Miep's daughter Verony is dizzy for almost 40 years. We are so happy to have a Grandma being so decided to help this project succeed. Miep: "This book gives me — an 87-year-old mother — hope and peace. Until now, all I could do was look on as the doctors failed to understand what was happening to my daughter. This went on for 40 years, and produced major negative consequences in her life. Perhaps the knowledge contained in Dizzy Me will help keep others in the future from suffering a similar fate. If only doctors are willing to learn…."

Pictures: Miep as Magic investor - Miep reading the book - Miep with daughter Verony (patient) and granddaughter Sanne.
Super Sponsor

The company Stadsbader became our extra Super Sponsor by funding another 500 euros for translation of Dizzy Me! Thank you to my family, having chosen to become part of history! Thank you Désiré!
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