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October 31
It will be 10 years since my cure
It will be 10 years of Dizzy Me

But most of all this is how to move on:
it will be the start of the 'House4Balance' IAWLP

>> Dizzy Me publishes English edition!
Dizzy Me. Light on balance - 432 pages
Kügler Publications, ISBN 987-90-6299-265-2
More info.

>> First Child book available
  Wankele Wilma / Wobbly Wilma
    Hardcover - 60 page’s - 4 color print.
    Uitgeverij De Draak - price: 19 euro

>> For collectors
 Discover our Belgian Dizzy Me stamps
SoStoned list & differential diagnosis Guide
Both will be available soon in "Dizzy Me. Shedding Light on balance." - A handbook for doctors - a hold for patients.
Both tables are just a 'short guide' of and need to be used after having read all scientific (based on peer review) knowledge we share in Dizzy Me.
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“Vestibular patients for smarter doctors & better patient care”

Expertise exchange! (september 2016)

Margaret Sharpe, Director & Principal
- Senior Consultant Vestibular Physiotherapist  (Certified APTA) - APA Titled Neurological Physiotherapist @ Dizziness & Balance Disorders Centre in Adelaide, Australia visited the Aurea lab in Antwerp.
She visited the Aurea lab to exchange expertise and vision on treatment of MdDS (and learn from the Aurea approach and trial) and VID (visual induced vertigo, visual vertigo) and to follow a few patient consults.

Floris Wuyts in the media

Dizzy Me in prime Time news (Belgian television) –
Astronaut Kornienko tested after return to Earth)

Floris Wuyts in ‘De Afspraak’ (Belgian television)
Ruimtekwalen: botontkalking, spierverslapping,  evenwichtstoornissen en hartproblemen
Prof. dr. Floris Wuyts tests cosmonaut Kornienko after return from Space.

Testing astromauts ISS

Floris Wuyts in Nieuwsblad

CNET Article on Wuyts’ brain research

Floris Wuyts’ research in ESA news
Astronauts brains as beacons for researchers

Wuyts in Gazet van Antwerpen
Onder professoren: door astronauten krijgen we inzicht in ons brein

Wuyts in VTM news -
Zo reageert je brein op gewichtloosheid
(about his research project with zerogravity flights in Bordeaux)

Joop Doornkamp and Dr. Herman Kingma (The Netherlands)
in  Good Afternoon, Limburg.
High doses of antibiotics can damage a patient's hearing and balance system.
This is what happened to Joop. Today Joop wears a balance brace.
The operation of the balance brace was demonstrated by showing a video of Joop walking both with and without his brace.
Kingma’s team (The Netherlands) is working on a vestibular implant in cooperation with Genève.
Even if you do not understand Dutch, watch the video, because you will see him walk with and without brace.
Kornienko being tested by Wuyts - 10 days after his return from Space. He is one of the 2 cosmonauts who spent 340 days in Space - a world first! Kornienko signs Dizzy Me for me - broadcasted in prime time news.
Floris Wuyts - Vincent Van Rompaey - Tania Stadsbader during Skype work meeting and press interview - 2015
Doctors & vestibular experts adopt Dizzy Me
Dizzy Me rewards its funders
Dizzy Me on Zerogravity flight (ESA Brain-DTI project, research on neuroplasticity of the brains during space flights)
Dizzy Me III
Tania & Floris @Antwerp Book Fair
Dizzy Me II
Dizzy Me I
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