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About the project owners:
My name is Tania and I am a Belgian ex-patient enjoying a second life without vertigo.  
For 15 years I was misdiagnosed and mistreated so I am highly motivated to do everything I can to ensure this doesn’t happen to anyone else.  

As a change-maker in medicine I am a VEDA Ambassador and work with doctors and patients to raise awareness about all vestibular conditions.  
Professor Floris Wuyts (the man who cured me) is a vestibular expert based in Antwerp where he treats patients and conducts research.  

Our co-authorship of ‘Dizzy Me’ involved an innovative partnership between doctors and patients and we are very grateful to everyone who has participated in this project by sharing their expertise.

We are now working hard to spread the valuable knowledge collected in this book.
First edition "Dizzy Me. Leven met evenwichtsstoornissen" - Oct 2010
Second edition "Dizzy Me. Licht op evenwicht"- Oct 2014
Third edition Dutch: "Dizzy Me. Licht op evenwicht" - 327 p, Oct 2015, ASP Editions, ISBN 978-90-5718-466-6
"Dizzy Me. Light on balance" - 432 p, Oct 2017, Kügler Publications, ISBN 987-90-6299-265-2
“Wankele Wilma neemt je mee naar Dizzyland” (9-99 jaar)

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Press articles
Chapter 1 of Tania's BPPV story

A Party in my Head
Fully seven percent of the population is regularly troubled by dizziness. It’s not a life-threatening condition, but it has a significant impact on quality of life. Some types of dizziness show up without warning and are extremely intense, with attacks lasting several hours before fading away. Read more......
Tania’s Vestibular Paroxysmia story

Silly Me...
In 2015 I got a nose surgery due to severe malformation causing bilateral pan sinusitis infections with fever. Blah...
Nose issues
On 26 November I got a septum correction and cystectomy.
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